Max Hospitals Launched TransEnterix’s Minimally Invasive Spider Surgical System in India

The world famous surgical equipment producing company TransEnterix has launched its Minimally Invasive SPIDER Surgical System in India on July 10, 2012. It is for the first time that any hospital in India is using any such system. On the same day a symposium and surgical workshop has been arranged in Delhi’s Max Super Specialty Hospital where DR. Michael Ganger served as the keynote lecturer and visiting surgeon. This day’s workshop has been attended by many well known surgeons from around India and world alike.

By using the SPIDER system, Dr. Ganger performed four sleeve gastrectomies which were broadcasted live to the symposium. Dr. Davit Sargsyan of Hamad Hospital Qatar assisted Dr. Ganger in all the surgeries. While expressing his views regarding this symposium and workshop arranged at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Dr. Ganger said, “It is a privilege to join the world-class team at Max Hospital in bringing a major advance in minimally invasive laparoscopy to the attention of so many skilled surgeons in India”.

In this particular system, the surgeon makes a small incision inside patient’s belly button, inserts the platform and expands it as an umbrella. This helps in the coordination of the video camera monitor and the surgeon’s hands. This gives more flexibility to the surgeon and ensures a high level of succ of the operation.

Robin Hembry, TransExterix’s Vice President for Europe and Middle East said, “It is very gratifying that surgeons around the globe want to learn more about SPIDER, and we are especially pleased to be unveiling the device now in India”.

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