Indian Scientist got US Patent for His Innovation in Cancer Treatment

An Indian scientist has received US patent on a path breaking innovation in the field of cancer. Rao Papineni, the chief scientist and senior principal investigator in medication application of nanotechnology at Carestream Health Inc USA along with his colleague Allan Pollack who is the chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology in the University of Miami developed a system in which a nano-particle carries the payload of anti-cancer drug and releases it only in the cancerous cell. This helps not only is curing the cancer attacked cells, but also protects the healthy cells lying around it.

While talking over phone to one of the Indian reporters, scientist Rao told that the patent application received approval on June 19, 2012. “This has opened up new doors of hope in the study and cure of a deadly disease like Cancer”, Rao quoted.

Dr. Rao has filed for the patent in 2009 and after almost 3 years he got the approval. “This patent will potentially change the way radiation is administered. It will improve localization and monitoring of tumor and will help in highly targeted delivery of drugs to kill cancer cells,” he said.

The patent named High Capacity Non-Viral Vectors are the nano-particles which will allow the drug particle to target the diseases site with pinpoint precision. This procedure damages the cancer tissues and at the same time reduces the toxicity of normal and healthy tissues during the radiation treatment.

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