Non-Surgical Heart Treatment Done in Mumbai

The ex-mayor of Mumbai, Mr. Dattaji Nalwade has undergone a successful non-surgical heart treatment at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai. The team of cardiac specialists headed by Dr. AB Mehta performed the minimally invasive Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) on Dattaji Nalwade. TAVI is a non-surgical method of replacing aortic valve that connects the heart to the aorta and has been performed for the first time in Maharashtra. This procedure is a boon for the patients like Dattaji Nalwade, who are critically ill and have high chances of undergoing open heart surgery.

Commenting on the need for TAVI procedure in this case, DR. AB Mehta, director of cardiology department, Jaslok Hospital said “Nalawde was first brought to the hospital in February. He needed immediate replacement of valve there was non-availability of the valve. He was also unfit for surgery.” Doctors say Nalawde had known lung problem, he also had renal failure and was on dialysis. “TAVI was the best option we could provide the family in his condition,”

TAVI is a one hour long procedure and involves implantation of bio-prosthetic valve in the diseased aortic valve via catheter. Although Indian government has permitted the use of TAVI procedure for crucial heart treatments, it hasn’t got commercial approval yet. In order to perform this procedure, the doctor treating patient needs permission from the Drug Controller of India (DGI). “In Nalawde’s case it took two months for us to procure the valve after we wrote to DGCI. It was done on compassionate basis,” said Dr Ajit Desai.

The doctors also hope for the support of corporate sectors, NGO’s and insurance companies so that underprivileged people of society too can benefit from TAVI treatment which costs Rs. 12.5 lakhs.

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