Indraprastha Apollo and Delhi Orthopedic Association Initiate Awareness Talk

Saturday, August 04, 2012. 15:30 Hrs [IST]. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals and Delhi Orthopedic Association have collaborated to organize a public awareness talk program to discuss bone and joint problems. The event was organized in connection to the commemoration of Bone and Joint Day. The meet was attended by eminent doctors from Delhi’s leading healthcare institutes. The event was held in public interest with the objective of addressing and resolving bone and joint problems, highlighting the spiraling numbers of people afflicted with Arthritis. The panel explained the causes of arthritic ailments in older ages and demonstrated physiotherapy exercises for the neck, knee and back.

The panel conceded that owing to the lifestyles of the working class, it had become uncommon to see middle aged people complaining of arthritic pain in their bones and joints. It was also revealed that around 70 million Indians were ailing by osteoarthritis, a number that consisted of a high percentage of middle aged patients. Dr Yash Gulati, president, Delhi Orthopaedic Association informed, “Today people spend most of their time sitting rather than being involved in any physical activities. Such sedentary lifestyles promotes knee stiffness and joint pain, gradually leading to osteoarthritis.”

The Association also announced free treatments for a selected few in the next few weeks. The initiative was also taken in partnership with the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital.

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