Best Birthday Gift Ever: 41 Year Old Gets New Lung, Recovering Well.

July 31, Tuesday. 1750 Hrs. In what is seen as a landmark development in the science of organ transplant in India, 41 year old Mumbai resident, Jayshree Mehta survived a 12 hour surgery for lung transplant. The surgery started at 7 pm and went on till the next morning of her birthday, July 11. Another remarkable thing was that the donor was found on her birthday itself, after the initial donor family backed out of its commitment.

Jayshree Mehta had been afflicted with Lung Fibrosis for the past eight years and was living on external supply of oxygen and was completely dependent on oxygen cylinders for the past year and a half. She is only the sixth patient and the first Indian to undergo lung transplant in India, the other five being foreign patients. Parag Mehta, Jayshree’s husband, told the media that it was Jayshree’s heartfelt desire to have the surgery performed on her birthday.

The doctors performed a single lung transplant of the right lung. “She has been recovering well. We will keep her on strong anti-rejection drugs so that her body doesn’t reject the new organ. She will also require physiotherapy and a rehabilitation therapy, after which she will be discharged,” added Dr Jnanesh Thacker, lung transplant surgeon at PD Hinduja Hospital.

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