Apollo Sets New Benchmark in Cardiac Treatments

Dr Rajeev Trehan and his team of cardiothoracic surgeons have performed a highly complex bypass surgery on 65 year old Sudhakar Reddy at Apollo DRDO hospital on 24th August. Also known as Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG), this heart operation included replacement of mitral lesions valve and reconstruction of left ventricle.

Sudhakar Reddy was admitted to the hospital with severe breathing problem and sweating. On examining through a PET CT at Apollo DRDO hospital, it was found that Reddy has a Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) with severe leakage of mitral valve of heart and a huge LV Aneurysm- wherein the heart muscle inflates into a bubble bag.

Looking at the poor condition of the patient and his old age, poor pumping of the heart and the long operative time, the surgery was a risky task for Dr. Trehan and his team. According to Dr. Trehan, cases of a patients suffering from these three abrasions is around 4%. The surgery, spanning over 8 hours, involved replacement of the mitral valve, reconstruction of the left ventricle and a bypass surgery and headed by Dr. Rajeev Trehan, Dr Mozahid Manzer Wahidi, cardiac anesthetist, nurses and Para-medical staff. It was the first time that these three procedures were conducted simultaneously in the state, pointed Dr.Trehan.

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