43 Year Old with Mirrored Organs Successfully Undergoes Gastric Bypass Surgery

A 43-year old woman with all vital organs in opposite direction successfully underwent a complex gastric bypass surgery. Ahmedabad resident Panna Mistry was diagnosed with a rare medical condition called Situs Invertus in which her heart, lungs, stomach and liver were all in the opposite direction to that in a normal human being. Panna discovered this only a few days back just as she was preparing for a surgery for morbid obesity. Prior to the operation, Panna weighed 138 Kg and had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 64. The mirror nature of the organ placement made the already complex procedure of Gastric Bypass surgery all the more risky.

“The surgery lasted two hours and Panna was discharged without any complications,” said operating surgeon at Sterling Hospital, Dr Apurva Vyas. Since her vital organs were mirrored, the surgeon’s skills were challenged, Vyas said. “Surgeons are programmed to perform procedures with an intuitive sense of the anatomical location and position of organs,” he said. “But in this case, I had to reorient my skills and perform the surgery ambidextrously – using both the right and left hands. It is rare to confront such cases in your professional life considering that the incidence of Situs Inversus is one in 1 lakh in India, while it is 1:10,000 in the US.” “Over the next month, she is expected to lose approximately 13kg to 14kg. Over the next year, her weight should come down to 60kg to 65kg with the help of carefully planned diet and an exercise regimen”, Dr Vyas concluded. Seems like another day in the office for Indian doctors.

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