Indonesian Girl suffers from a Rare Brain defect

Some tragic incidents of life are such that only a miracle can defeat them. Such is the case of Dilla Anargia Adilla, a 3 year old Indonesian girl, suffering from Hydrocephalus which has caused her head to grow three times bigger than the size of an average adult. The body defect is caused due to the blockage of spinal fluid through the brain. At the time of birth, the head of the girl was a little larger than a normal new born but now it measures an excessive growth of 100 cm from ear to ear. The devastating condition of the girl has affected her health so badly that she can’t even carry out the routine activities which a 3 year can easily do. Apart from that the girl also suffers from blurred vision and taut lower limbs and is cared of by her family members who include her father Azwar Anas, mother Pushpita and sister Fazira. Hydrocephalus is a rare condition found in 1 of 500 babies and till now only U.K. has been successful in treating it through a two hour surgical procedure. The surgery involves plantation of thin tube called shunt into the brain by a neurosurgeon, which in turn helps in drainage of fluid to the abdomen, where it gets dissolved in the blood stream. As per the financial condition of Mr. Azwar Aziz, it would take his two month’s salary to cover the surgery cost. However the doctors in Indonesia are hesitant to carry out the operation due to the severity of Dillas condition. The condition of her parents is quite sad and disheartening and it seems like that some god driven miracle can help them out. Ever since I was told by the doctors before her birth about her disabilities I have accepted it from the start. But seeing Dilla in so much pain is obviously tearing me apart. It doesn’t just affect me; it upsets everybody when we see her in pain. I don’t know whether she will survive this illness because she needs special and intensive care. We are not sure there’s going to be a miracle but we can only hope and the rest is up to God, said Mr. Anas.

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