Bangalore’s Neuro Surgeon Removed Bullet From Nigerian Boy’s Brain

A one-and-a-half-year-old boy, who had a bullet etched in his mind for about three months before Dr. Sharad Rajamani performed a surgery on him. The boy hailed from Borno, Nigeria and fell unconscious while playing at his home. The blood was emanating from the upper part of his head. He was immediately taken to the hospital, after which, doctors put stitches on his head. His parents were in a thought that the boy must have got hit by a stone. After three days, when the right side of the boy’s body was not functioning, further examination revealed that the boy was hit by a bullet that stuck in his brain.

The parents of the boy took him to the best of Nigerian doctors, who were hesitant to operate on the child by saying that any surgical attempt on the boy will result in his death. Later, the father of little boy got to know about the Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore by an acquaintance who happened to be their old kidney patient. After examining the X-Ray of the boy’s brain, the hospital mailed a medical opinion to the boy’s parents and subsequently had a series of telephonic conversations with them.

Finally, the boy was brought to Bangalore and undergone a successful operation by a team of surgeons led by Dr. Sharad Rajamani, consultant neurosurgeon, at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal. Speaking on the success of the operation, Dr. Rajaramani, said “The boy was discharged the next day after surgery and is doing well. While earlier he had weakness of the right leg, now he is gaining strength. He is cured now and does not require any follow up.”

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