12 Year Old Sudan Boy Successfully Undergoes Combined Transplant

30th November, 2012.New Delhi. 12 year old boy successfully underwent a complex surgical operation for combined Kidney and Liver transplant. The medical procedure was performed at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. The Sudanese boy was reeling from a rare disorder called Hyperoxaluria which causes excessive urinary excretion of oxalate. The transplanted organs were donated by the patient’s two sisters.

“In hyperoxaluria, while there is no liver failure, unless the liver is replaced to provide the deficient enzyme, the kidney transplant will fail as the kidney will get damaged by the oxalates. This necessitated the combined transplant,” he said.

The boy was admitted into the hospital on 6th November and was kept under observation for a week before being administered surgery. The 16 hour operation was believed to be successful and the boy was discharged on the 29th.

“It took about 16 hours to conduct the surgery . The boy is doing fine and he was discharged on Thursday,” said Gupta,” he said.

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