IVF treatment for Cancer Patients

The mental and emotional status of a person who is trying hard to have a baby but is not able to have one, cannot be understood easily by anyone. One goes through a lot of trauma. But now there are various options that are available in the field of science. One of such treatments In Vitro fertilization that is IVF. This is a process by which an egg is fertilized by a sperm outside the body which is done through a number of methods.

Same is the plight of a cancer patient. But now gone are those days when it was thought that there is no hope left to the patients who have cancer. Although such a news is quite devastating for which no one is prepared but there is now a silver lining for such people who are suffering from this disease. It is said that such people face a problem of not being able to bear children but now there is a hope for female or male cancer patients. Women or men who are cancer survivors can very well become a parent of healthy babies through IVF treatment. If you want to build a family, you can very well do so.

Just go to your fertility specialists and he is going to start your fertility treatment even before you have started your cancer treatment . The best technique is obtaining and preserving (freezing) that is eggs or sperms for future use after the treatment for cancer gets completed. One of the latest examples of this has been when one 45 year old Argentinian woman, who is a cancer survivor gave birth to twins from eggs that were frozen 12 years ago that is at the age of 33.

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