This Cyberknife Hacks Cancers in 40 Minutes

The revolutionary Cyberknife Versatile Simple Intelligent (VSI), installed in the oncology wing of Medanta – the MedCity, has been going great in cancer treatment, bringing down the operation duration and minimizing the side effects associated with Radiotherapy. It is believed that using the Cyberknife, doctors can complete the operation in only 30-40 minutes.

“The patient doesn’t need anesthesia before the session. Nor does it have any side effects, associated with chemotherapy or exposure to radiation,” said Dr Tejinder Kataria, one of the members of the five-member core team formed for operating Cyberknife VSI.

Although earlier versions of the Cyberknife could operate on only cancers in the head and spine areas, the latest version can be used to treat cancers in any part of the body. “With Cyberknife, a person can be treated in one to five days, unlike radiation or chemotherapy which takes 40 days,” added Kataria.

Cyberknife VSI was installed in Medanta in July. “We are the first medical facility to install the latest version and we have successfully treated three patients so far with Cyberknife VSI. Two are expected to be treated on Monday,” said Kataria. The older versions of the Cyberknife are already in use at the HCG Oncology Hospital in Bangalore and the Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

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