Ballpoint Pen can Treat Arthritis: Study

The researchers of ‘MyoScience’, an American company has developed a new pen which according to them can be used to treat patients suffering from arthritis, headaches and facial pain. The tip of this new gadget looks like a ballpoint pen cooled down to -20 degree Celsius using liquid nitrogen. Thereafter this handheld device is injected a few millimeters into patient’s skin against a nerve, allowing it to “hibernate” and obstruct pain signals.

This medical technology has been formally accepted in Britain and the tests prove that the pen gives immediate relief in comparison to traditional medical treatment wherein every session takes 30 to 45 minutes. The device functions on Cryotherapy which is used to treat various disorders and diseases such as freezing off warts and muscle recovery. Another claim made by the researchers is that ball pen can be used to treat various pain-related conditions such as arthritis, headaches and facial pain.

The metal tip of this MyoScience pen is cooled by putting cold liquid into the device under high pressure which later transforms into cold gas. The thickness of the tip of the pen is similar to a needle which doctor inserts into the skin leading it to cool the tissue. The sensors within the device constantly monitor the skin temperature to ensure that device must not cause excessive damage. There is no permanent cure for arthritis but devices like these can hinder the progress of the condition.

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