Permanent Dental Solution for Edentulism Patients

Sucheta Pradhan, an official from Nobel Biocare, a global leader in offering innovative and aesthetic dental solutions confirmed in a media conference that tooth implant is a better option than conventional dentures.

“Conventional dentures still remain the most preferred option for patients, but they only restore ten percent of chewing ability and lead to jaw bone degradation. But implants can restore from 60 to 80 per cent of chewing ability and patients do not experience any bone shrinkage. Additionally it lasts for life, if proper oral care is taken,” said Sucheta Pradhan

According to a pan-Indian survey conducted by Nobel Biocare, the problem of Edentulism is fast increasing among Indians due to negligence towards oral sanitation and habit of tobacco mastication. Categorized as physical handicap by World Health Organization (WHO), this dental problem strikes in people over 45 years of age. Such patients have to face various basic and social problems such as speech problems, reduction in mastication ability and unwanted change in facial structure.

Already popular in western countries like US and Switzerland, these permanent dental implants and prosthetics are created by using titanium and bio-compatible materials. The surgical procedure is done in one sitting. So you can go to the dentist with a toothless facial expression, but come back with a full set of pearly whites flashing a million dollar smile,” said Sucheta.

Titanium implants does come with a cost but that’s truly worth if one can regain a million dollar smile with a guarantee of prolonged existence. Hence, dental implants are more economically viable when compared to conventional dentures.

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