First Asia Pacific Bank to Provide Pre-Cut Donor Corneas

First Asia Pacific Bank to Provide Pre-Cut Donor Corneas

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Ramayamma International Eye Bank, an initiative of the L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, has partnered with Sight Life, a Seattle-based eye bank to establish a corneal tissue cutting center providing pre cut donor corneas to the visually impaired in India. Although the center was established a couple of years ago, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire inaugurated the new equipment at the Hyderabad Center on Tuesday.

Gullapalli N. Rao, founder and Distinguished Chair of Eye Health at the Institute, said, “The Ramayamma International Eye Bank will be the first center in the Asia-Pacific region to have taken a step in this direction to make the pre-cut donor corneas available to all interested corneal surgeons. This not only reduces the overall cost of the surgery for both the patients and the surgeons but also standardize the procedure.”

The center plans to double its transplants to cater to a wider section of the 1.1 million visually impaired population in India and has launched several awareness programs advocating eye donation.

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