I2india all set to deal with Pulmonary Disorders with their Lungflute Device

i2india Ventures, a firm dealing in medical technological devices, has decided to expand the reach of its lung care device ‘Lung Flute’. The medical device has been designed to provide relief to patients suffering from chronic pain. The device is ideal for Indian patients because it is easy to use, low cost and drug-free.

Lung Flute has been devised after a long clinical research process in India in collaboration with Medical Acoustics. It functions by sensing the sound waves generated by a patient’s breath and naturally clear the mucus. The device is beneficial in providing instant relief from diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma, fibrosis and pneumonia. The chain smokers suffering from congestion can also benefit from this device.

According to Deepam Mishra, CEO, i2india Ventures told Pharmabiz, “ A large number of Indians suffer from chronic pulmonary diseases, and lose their natural ability to remove mucous from their lungs. Before LungFlute, they had little recourse to gradually losing their capacity to fight or arrest disease deterioration. Now LungFlute is a self-use, therapeutic medical device which reduces the ongoing cost-of-care by reducing medication and nebulisation requirements, due to improved bronchial health.”

The acceptance rate of this device is quite huge in large metropolitan cities because of doctor’s awareness regarding latest medical technologies. Several renowned hospitals across the country such as Narayanaya Hrudayalaya (Bangalore), Global Hospital (Chennai ), Apollo Hospital (several locations), Bhawgan Mahaveer Jain Hospital (Bangalore), BL Kapoor Hospital (Delhi), Apollo Hospital (several), Fortis Hospital, DNA Multispeciality Hospital (Mumbai), Metro Hospital (Delhi) and Hiranandani Hospital (Mumbai) are recommending and prescribing Lungflute device for the patients betterment.

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