Tanzanian Conjoined Twins Separated After 12-hour Surgery

Ericana and Eluidi, the nine-month-old conjoined twins from Tanzania have been separated by the surgeons of Apollo Hospital, Chennai, after a 12-hour surgery. These brothers were joined at the posterior and shared a penis, an anus and urinary passage, therefore termed as pygopagus twins, a rare condition. These twins were brought into the operation theatre at 7’o clock in the morning.

A team of 20 specialists was led by Dr. V Sripathi, senior consultant in paediatric urology. He said, “We began the process by inserting catheters into the bladders to monitor urine output, following which we made the incision for the surgery.” During the diagnosis, it was found that the siblings had fused tail ends of their spines. These conjoined twins were a part of 17 percent of world’s conjoined twins. 30 sets of pygopagus twins were reported all around the world, out of these 26 were female and just 4 were male.

The team of Neurology surgeons first found the spot where the spine was fused and then divided it while taking care of the nerve routes. Later, the anus, rectum, urethra and penis were separated. The siblings were finally separated by 9 p.m. Dr Sripathi added, “The babies have been taken to different theatres and reconstruction surgery for both will resume and close at midnight.”

The hospital authorities informed that the babies were under constant check and they were showing ‘good signs’. The respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature were also normal. These twins were brought to Apollo Chennai, 5 months ago.

The entire surgery was streamed live on online media for the doctors and the media. The team of surgeons comprised senior specialists in plastic surgery, neurosurgery, paediatric urology and paediatric surgery.

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