A Bangalore hospital gets a breakthrough in Paralysis treatment

A Bangalore hospital has put-forth a claim that they have been successful in coming out with a treat of spine repair through stem cell therapy as a cure for paralysis. During a press meet, the hospital communicated the successful cases of some of their paralysed patients who were treated here. One of such patients was Khaleed Abdullah, a soldier from Yemen. During a war, 4 years ago, he was shot in his spinal cord that was crushed from 2 places. To get a cure for his problem, he visited around 7 countries before he came to India. After receiving the treatment for just 9 months, he can now feel sensation up till his upper thigh.

The very first patient who underwent this treatment was Balakrishan Baldev. He was paralyzed neck down for the past 10 years because of receiving a wrong diagnosis from some other hospital. After getting stem cell therapy treatment here, he has now re-gained 95 percent sensation and movement. His treatment had begun only in the starting of this year. Till now, he has been administered only three injections.

The hospital authorities informed that stem cell therapy for treating paralysis involves a number of steps, which may show results in as less as three months of time. However, the results vary amongst individuals. One of the main steps is to take the blood of the patients and injected it into an artery that supplies blood to the damaged part of the spine. From past many years, there has always been a myth that stem cell therapy is very expensive but one can get cheap paralysis treatment in India. There is now a huge possibility that victims of spinal injury could walk again.

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