Doctors at Fortis Hospital Mumbai Help Iraqi Woman to Get Rid of Congenital Hip Dislocation

It is not less than a miracle. An Iraqi woman, with a congenital hip dislocation, thanked the doctors of Fortis Hospital in Mulund (Mumbai, India) for making her walk again after 32 years. According to the doctors, she was suffering from a congenital hip dislocation. Dr. Sachin Bhonsle, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Fortis hospital said, “She had a hip dislocation at birth and she grew up with it. She had approached many doctors, but everyone refused to operate on her.” An Iraqi woman, a computer teacher, contacted Fortis hospital 6 weeks ago and thereafter came to India. Dr. Bhonsle said, “She sent me her X-ray reports and we decided on a date for operation.” He further added, Hip joints are like a ball and socket ones. If a person is born with a shallow socket, the ball dislocates and stays out unless the condition is diagnosed at birth. In such a case, a plaster is applied to relocate the hips.” Dr. Bhonsle said, “Her operation was a challenging one where they had to locate her socket and put a ceramic cup there. It was impossible to pull down the leg. We had to shorten her thigh bone too.” The Iraqi women is all set to leave the shores of India to live a normal life. She said, “It is like a new birth for me. India has freed me from my pain.”

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