Fortis Comes to the Aid of 16 month Girl with Hydrocephalus

New Delhi. One of the leading healthcare providers in the world, the Fortis Group, has promised to fund the treatment of 16 month old Runa Begum, suffering from Hydrocephalus. This is a rare medical disease where fluid accumulates inside the brain, causing it to swell beyond normal proportions. Runa’s head has grown to 36 inches in circumference, exerting enormous on her head, rendering her inefficient to crawl or sit upright. The news was officially conveyed by leading Indian neurosurgeon Sandeep Vaishya, head of neurosurgery at Fortis Hospital Delhi, that Fortis had pledged to examine the girl and see if surgery was possible. “Fortis will fly her down and while we will have to do an MRI to check the condition of her brain, I am hopeful that we will be able to carry out a surgery and relieve the pressure on the poor child’s brain,” Vaishya said. Vaishya also remarked that extreme cases like Roona’s were very and that he had been deluged with calls about the child. “The child must be in a lot of pain because her head is so heavy. Still, in the images I could see that she was smiling sometimes, which makes me think that her cognitive functions might still be intact,” Vaishya said. The endeavor has been commended in healthcare circles.

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