Sapien Biosciences backed by Apollo to Work on Personalized Medicine

Apollo in collaboration with Saarum Innovations has come up with a new name “Sapien Biosciences in the market of healthcare industry. This newly formed company on September 23, was started to focus on personalized medicine. Initially its focus would be on the patient who undergo angioplasty and heart surgeries. The new discovery of this company is MyPlatelet” helps in finding the right dosage of the blood thinning medication to be provided to them. After undergoing coronary angioplasty and surgery is prescribed to a procedure to clear the blocked arteries in which blood thinning medication is required to be taken for a period ranging from three to twelve months. For Many patients who previously did not respond well to this treatment.

During the MyPlatelet test the company will take blood samples of the patient for conducting tests to study the blood platelets and genetic mutations. After two to three days, would suggest to the doctor the dosage of medicine that is most likely to be effective for the concerned patient. The My Platelet test is presently available only at the Apollo Hyderabad and will cost patients RS 6,500. In Sapien Biosciences company Apollo holds 70 percent share while the rest of the equity is held by Saarum. This newly developed company in the long run intends to create a œworld-class bio-bank. This bio-bank will enable cutting edge life sciences research which will support for the discovery and development of novel biomarkers, personalized medicine and diagnostics application. Jugnu Jain the co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer of Sapien Biosciences said that “The bio-bank will collect high-quality, ethically consented and ‘anonymized’ human samples along with medical and sample level data across various diseases – cancer, cardiovascular and diabetes.”

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