16-Yr-Old Undergoes An Unusual Brain Surgery

A 16-year old boy sang in Operation Theater, while being operated for epilepsy. The doctors in India, using a very unusual method performed the entire operation procedure. This procedure required the boy to be awake, using local anaesthesia.

As the doctors were drilling into the boy’s brain, he was asked to listen and sing the music after recognizing the rhythms and melodies. This procedure was to access the brain part that actively comprehends music.

Doctors succeeded in taking out the seizures’ focal point through the delicate surgery. Along with this doctors also retained the portion of the brain that provided him musical cognition. The boy, at the age of 5 was diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy. This was the time, when the kid started his career in the world of music.

The challenge in front of the doctors was to remove the point of seizures without hampering his musical abilities that stemmed from the core of the same point.

Doctors decided to take an extra mile in epilepsy treatment in India and a complete musical assessment was performed. This assessment was to detect which part of the brain actively responded to music. During this assessment, the team of doctors included neuro physicians, neuro radiologists, neuro surgeons, and clinical psychologists.

A functional MRI was performed. This was the process in which the patient was asked to imagine himself singing and recognize the melody, pitch, etc. The main motive was to track the active portions of the brain during this therapy.

After ten days of surgery, the patient does not complains about seizures and the singing abilities have also improved from earlier.

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