Landmark Craniosynostosis Surgery Performed At Fortis

Landmark Craniosynostosis Surgery Performed At Fortis

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Doctors at the Fortis Hospital, Kolkata have performed a rare surgery where they used 3D imaging to treat an even rarer disorder in a 6 month old baby. Called craniosynostosis, this birth defect causes premature folding of the skull, leading to high intra-cranial pressure. The defect had also caused a deformity in the patient’s head and face. “Instead of the child’s brain and skull growing together, in this case, the skull had stopped growing resulting in high pressure that could have led to blindness and other facial deformities,” said the head neuro-surgeon who conducted the surgery. “Such cases are rarest of rare ”€ found one in 2,000 to 2,500 infants.

The surgery involved making real size 3D model of the baby’s skull using CT scans. The doctors further remarked, “The surgery took less than five hours as there was no planning time involved. We corrected the deformity of the skull and face and stopped progression of mid-face deformity. We took this unique, yet critical measure, to fix the problem both neurologically and aesthetically”

The surgery was termed successful with the patient moved under intensive care for post operative diagnosis.

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