Dental Banks to be Set up for Preservation of Dental Stem Cells

Delhi. In a first of its kind preventive investment, people can now have their dental stem cells stored for future use. If necessary, the same would be used to treat organ-related regenerative diseases. The new age facility lets patients safeguard their dental stem cells and use the same decades later. The service will initially be available in only Tier I cities where it will cost INR 1.25-1.5 Lakhs for storing the stem cells over a 21 year old period.

For the uninitiated, dental stem cells are Mesenchymal (tissue-related) stem cells. Hematopoietic (blood related) stem cells, present in umbilical cord blood have the potential to treat only blood-related disorders such as leukemia. Stem cells are also found in Dental pulp of baby or milk teeth. Stem cells are especially useful for teenagers needing their premolars extracted when getting dental braces fixed. In adults, stem cells are needed when having their wisdom teeth removed.

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