CyberKnife Technology Needs Adequate Government Backing : Oncology Experts

4 February, 2013. Delhi. The successful implementation of the CyberKnike Robotic Radiosurgery System is being seen as a growing trend across cancer clinics in India. Only recently, a major hospital in Delhi inaugurated its center for the CyberKnife surgery.

“This is another form of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT). Through this technique, we can give high dose radiation at specified locations and spare the normal tissues. Now, patients in Delhi can avail of this treatment and don’t have to go to Chennai or to Bangalore” said the Head of Department, Oncology of a South Delhi hospital.

The system is an advanced robotic method in which precise incisions are made by robots – thus enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of the procedure.

“New advancements in technology such as the CyberKnife Robotic Radiosurgery System are a significant development in cancer therapy for patients as well as doctors. It offers the most precise treatment option for a wide range of patients,” said a senior doctor of Oncology at one of Delhi’s premier hospitals.

As unlike conventional radiotherapy which consumes 30 to 40 sessions, thereby making it expensive; CyberKnife Robotic Surgery takes only 1-5 sessions. The treatment has been available in some of the hospitals of healthcare groups such as Apollo and Max. However, experts believe the right government backing is important for this project to really take off.

“It has not been introduced in government hospitals. It costs Rs.5 lakh. If the government adopts it, then the cost will come down to Rs.1 lakh. Proposals are there with the government for introduction. Often it is the lack of awareness that poses a major impediment for successful treatment of cancer. Awareness and timely action form the key to fight the disease,’ Tejinder Kataria, chairperson of Medanta’s radiation oncology said.

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