Get IVF in India and take the embryo to your country

The Commerce Ministry has issued a notification that couples with no babies can now bring their ‘embryo’ into their country once they are done with the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) abroad. The notice of the directorate-general of foreign trade (DGFT) informs that the import of the human embryo will be ‘free’. However, a no-objection certificate will be necessary from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR).

Earlier, the issueless couples who opted for surrogacy and a fertility treatment in India had to complete the IVF procedure and the delivery here from the surrogate mother and could later take the extra frozen embryos back to their country. Every year, a huge number of childless couples avail Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART), mainly IVF as well as surrogacy.

According to IVF Consultant, “People going for IVF procedures are doing so because their body is unreceptive to embryos (leading to miscarriages) and hence require a surrogate mother. Right now, couples undergo IVF, wait for results and then either ask us to help arrange a surrogate mother or bring somebody of their own. A lot of documentation is required in both cases and couples have to plan many extra holidays.”

Another advantage of frozen embryo transfer is that earlier the hospitals were dependent on Assisted Reproductive Treatment banks for Indian surrogate mothers for deliveries but this will no more be a trouble. This news is another ray of hope for childless couples.

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