Nigerian Girl Cured of Spinal Deformity Using Robotic Surgery

Chennai: A 14- year old, Stephanie Amata Oghenefegho, from Nigeria, was suffering from spinal deformity and her mother, Agatha Amata, popular TV host, visited Germany and England in order to find an effective solution for such deformity.

Agatha Amata said, “At first, I thought my daughter was hunching and I asked her to walk erect. But only later I found that it was a deformity and through a friend, I came to know about Dr Sajan Hegde, a consultant spine surgeon at Apollo Hospitals. He assured that after surgery she would be fine and can go back to school. His confidence and solution to my problem brought me here to Chennai”.

In the past nine months, the Apollo Chennai has carried out around 100 similar surgeries using the robotic spine surgery. Dr Sajan Hegde said, “If you take the case of teenage girl Amata, the surgery would have cost five to six times more than the cost in India.” He also added, “The patients came from different countries and the surgeries were performed only last week”.

Similarly, Eric Francis Millican (age 65), Julia Obur Deng Lual (age 44), and Haidur Kadhum Fatay (age 33) from California, Sudan and Iraq, came to Apollo Chennai last week. All suffered from different spine-related troubles and their surgeries were handled using robot – assisted  surgery by Dr Sajan Hegde.

Julia, wife of Deputy Minister of the Republic of South Sudan, Simon Mijok Mijak also suffered from severe lower back pain for last three years, and underwent Robotic Surgery at Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Simon Mijok Mijak said, “She was given drugs and when nothing worked, we came here”. She was cured with minimally invasive reconstruction, making use of the unique robotic technology. This helped in treating her persistent back pain that ceased her from performing her normal routine.

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