World’s First Delivery Using IVF Time Lapse Successfully Accomplished

4 June, 2013. A middle aged UK woman has successfully given birth to a baby conceived using the revolutionary IVF time lapse photography to pick the best embryo. This is the first time this complex procedure has been accomplished. The technique monitors the growth of the embryo and select one which has the maximum probability of enabling pregnancy. The mother, a clinical psychologist herself, became a proud mother to a lovely girl at a leading women’s hospital in Liverpool.

This was also the first time the landmark technique EEVA, or Early Embryo Viability Assessment, has been employed for In-Vitro Fertilization. The technology takes thousands of pictures of the developing embryo, selecting the healthiest. Recent years have seen a remarkable increase in the use of imaging to improve IVF success rates. The mother delivered the baby by Caesarean section. Both the mother and the daughter are doing fine and in the greatest of health.

“As a unit, we have never been prouder to be at the forefront of such pioneering technology. By investing into research and technology, we have been able to debut Eeva in Europe and lead the way in time-lapse imaging technology,” Professor Charles Kingsland, clinical director at The Hewitt Fertility Centre, said.

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