India’s First Seed Implant Surgery Performed at Medanta-The Medicity

New Delhi, Wednesday, 3rd April,2013: India is perpetually setting new standards by providing successful results in crucial medical surgeries. One such case was seen at the Medanta Cancer Institute wherein doctors have successfully performed India’s first seed implant surgery or pinhole surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer at its first stage.

In order to treat prostate through pinhole surgery, around 125 radioactive Iodine seeds are permanently entrenched. The procedure was performed under the scrutiny of ultrasound guidance via the transrectal route. Following the surgery, patients can return to their home same day and carry out their normal routine in another few days.

“This pinhole procedure called as low dose rate brachytherapy or permanent brachytherapy uses implants that are about the size of a grain of rice and are inserted directly into the tumor with the help of thin hollow needles. These implants are left in place after the radiation has been used up and their small size causes little or no discomfort. ,” Dr Tejinder Kataria, Chairperson, Division of Radiation Oncology at The Medanta Cancer Institute, said.

As opposed to eight weeks of radiation therapy, the new procedure is quite easy and has reduced the duration of treatment to a single day. The surgery is a best suited for the early stage patients whose cancer is accumulated within the prostate.

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