Successful Knee Ligament Surgery on a Pakistani Youth in India

New Delhi: Yasin Anjum Rafi is a 22 year old soccer player will now be able to run again due to successful knee ligament surgery performed by a reputed Delhi Hospital. Rafi was operated in a leading Indian Hospital on Tuesday and he is also the 22nd member of his family to have gone through an orthopedic surgery. All the other 21 members of his family have gone through either hip or knee replacement surgery. “Rafi’s 77-year-old grandmother, brother, brother-in-law, aunt and several other members of his extended family has undergone hip or knee replacements in a major Indian hospital.

A senior joint replacement and orthopedic surgeon said So far, 22 members of his family have undergone through these surgeries. The majority of Rafi’s family members are soccer and hockey enthusiasts. “Young sports persons often suffer from ligament fracture. In Rafi’s case, he continued to play even after a ligament tear until one of his knees was swollen and he could hardly run. He required immediate surgery said by another leading orthopedic surgeon. Asma Anjum, Rafi’s mother is thankful to all the Indian doctors for the surgery. She further said there are many Pakistanis who wish to visit India for health-related issues but faces visa hassles. “Many times, we don’t get a visa when we want to come to India in an emergency.

Many from our country (Pakistan) would like to get treated here, especially for joints-related problems. Expert doctors are available in hospitals here,” she said. More than 100 surgeries are performed on Pakistani patients every year by leading Indian doctors and even issues related to Visa are solved then it may the number of these surgeries will increase substantially. A senior doctor further added, “Unlike other patients from Afghanistan or Bangladesh, the visa issues are faced more by those coming from Pakistan,”

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