Farmer Gets New Lease of Life, Gets Rare Cancer Removed

21st February, 2013. The 40 year old villager in Kolkata did not think he would ever be able to get rid of his 9 kilogram tumor he had been carrying around his neck for the past 30 years. Not until he was operated in a landmark, 4 hour surgery at a leading research institute. The patient was suffering from a rare, though benign, kind of cancer, medically known as multiple neurofibromatosis.

A chance meeting with a Bengali teacher changed the villager’s fortunes. The teacher contacted a doctor at Fortis Hospital who later suggested the right reference. She later commented, “I know how it feels to get help when someone close is ill. I wanted to do my bit. But I could collect only Rs 75,000 and the date for the surgery was nearing. When I told this to the medical research authority, they readily agreed to waive the remaining amount,” said Basu

The doctor who operated on the patient had this to say – “This is a rare disorder. Though the tumour is mostly benign, it affects the quality life of the patient -daily activities, social life and the weight he carried all the time. Advancement in the field of medical science and infrastructural development in our hospital have equipped our medical specialists conduct complex surgeries effectively and efficiently.”

Life for the 40 year old agricultural wage earner looks good now.

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