3rd Successful Kidney Transplant for 65 Year Old Patient

It is no less than a miracle for a 65 year old patient to undergo three successful Kidney transplants during his lifetime. Such was the case of Arun Singh (name changed) who recently undergone a 3rd successful Kidney transplant surgery on 14th February this year. He underwent through first kidney operation in the year 1976 with less complications. The team of doctors who operated on Singh said that it’s not an easy task to perform multiple surgeries as the existing grafts cannot be detached and extra opening is required to place the new organ. They also stressed upon the fact that finding donors is not easy, but in Singh’s case, the patient had donors within the family, his father and two sisters. “I was 27 when I underwent the first transplant. Not many people knew about kidney transplant in India then. My father, who is no more, donated his kidney then.

I needed another transplant in 1998; this time, it was my younger sister,” said Singh. In normal cases, the life span of a donor organ is around 12 years. But due to Rai’s stringent obedience to the do’s and don’t’s prescribed guaranteed that his donated organs work for 20 and 16 years respectively. In the mean time, he underwent two crucial surgeries for artery blockage and sick gall bladder. It was around 2 months back that Singh witnessed symptoms of Kidney failure again and his family started losing hope. “Even I was not confident this time. Getting a third donor in the family with matching HLA is well-nigh impossible; the chances of rejection are high; and it’s quite risky to undergo a third transplant,” said Dr S C Tiwari, chief of the nephrology department at Fortis Hospital.

Surprisingly, he found three donors within the family. Dr. Anant Kumar, director of urology and kidney department, Fortis Hospital, headed the team who operated on Arun Singh. “Transplanted organs may develop fibrous tissues that get attached to the local tissues and organs. It’s not easy to remove them. In Rai’s case, we had to create a new spot to fit in the third kidney,” highlighted Dr. Anant Kumar. He also said, currently, Singh is in his recuperation period and will lead a healthy lifestyle for another decade.

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