ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplants are Possible Now

ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant has arrived as a boon for patients that are in urgent need of organ relocation. Traditional Kidney Transplants used to require the matching of the blood groups of both the donor and the recipient. But recently, a new trend has been witnessed in India wherein organ transplants are performed without the need of exact blood group match. The unique thing about these transplant procedures is that patient and donor have different blood groups.

Dr. Priyadarshi Ranjan, kidney transplant surgeon, Fortis hospital, told IANS that a trend has been seen in Himachal Pradesh wherein husbands are donating kidneys to save lives of their wives. So far, he has handled six transplant cases wherein patients and donors were from different blood groups.

“I did four-five surgeries in the last one and a half years in which the kidney donors were husbands. All the patients were from Himachal Pradesh. “So far we did six Incompatible Donor Kidney transplantations in which the blood groups of both the donor and patient didn’t match.”

His newest patient is Rekha Devi. In her case, the blood group of the donor was A+ and that of the recipient was B+. Rekha Devi says “My father-in-law told my husband, in fact directed him, to donate a kidney to save my life.”

Nephrologist Amit Sharma said traditionally transplants require an exact blood match.

“Now ABO incompatible blood type kidney transplant are a reality and they have been successfully performed as is evident in the case of Rekha Devi,” Amit Sharma said.

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