Cheaper Dental Solutions in India

In a recent study, it has been found that the cost of dental treatments done in India is quite low as compared to that of the developed world. It is due to this benefit, the country is witnessing a greater inflow of dental patients from Europe, US, Middle-East and South Asian region.

Not just favorable cost cutting ratio, India has some of the best qualified dentists and dental surgeons, which can give their brothers in the developed countries a run for their money. Besides, the nation’s technology adaptation and implementation have been on par with international standards.

Cost-effective treatment, skilled practitioners and high-end technology, have put India amongst the top 5, when it comes to dental tourism. This also includes the likes of Thailand, Singapore, Costa Rica, Hungary and Mexico in the list. With such developments in Indian Dental industry, the market is expected to reach $4 billion in the year 2015. Furthermore, medical tourism in India is likely to achieve 30% growth every year.

Indian dentists are amongst the best and are patient friendly. Treatments are cost-effective and the dentists are also known to be accessing the world’s best consumables and instruments, said by VS Venketesh, CEO, Apollo WHITE Dental.

While there are many private practitioners who make individual referrals, our facility is known for its systematic processes and multi-location convenience that garners patient confidence, he added.

It is seen that patients from the Middle East countries account for 50% of the total dental tourism cases. This is followed by the South-East Asian and neighboring countries reporting 30% inflow and European Union is reported to have 20% of patients coming to India. Now the key reason for the highest number of cases reported from the Middle East is primarily due to lack of medical technology and need of infrastructure in their region. The availability of the same in India at an affordable cost attracts many to choose India as their destination, as further stated by Venketesh.

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