Doctors of AIIMS Removed the Biggest Kidney Tumor of the World

Doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) removed a tumor inside a patient’s right kidney, weighing 5.018 kg. Comparing to a normal kidney, this kidney had inflated 35 times more. The tumor extracted from the kidney is now the biggest-known kidney tumor.

The patient, K.L. Das is a resident of Bihar’s Darbhanga District and was admitted with progressive huge mass abdomen. He was experiencing severe pain in right side of the abdomen and lesion in lungs. He was operated on 14th May via a 25-cm incision from chest to abdomen. This particular procedure is known as thoracoabdominal incision. The tumor was compressed to the IVC (Inferior Vena Cava), body’s main vein and the surrounding structure was then stuck to the mass in order to make it separated. A part of the lungs had to be removed along with the mass as the cancer had spread.

Dr. M.D Ray, consultant in Department of Surgical Oncology of AIIMS said “The mass had been rapidly growing for the last two and three months. By that time, the cancer also spread to his lungs. The surgery was the only option left before the cancer cells spread to other parts of the body. Earlier, the doctors at Sir Gangaram Hospital had removed a 2.5- kg tumor,”

The operation was five-and-half-hour long. The patient was kept in ICU for a day and was then shifted to general ward. He is doing well and was discharged on Thursday.

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