Gujarat to be developed as a medical tourism destination

The state government of Gujarat has cleared its intentions to develop its state as the country’s next Medical tourism destination. With this, a plethora of developments is looking to take place in the coming future, which will boost the current status of medical tourism in the state.

On this, state health minister Nitin Patel said, “Gujarat government is in the final stages of framing a new policy to develop the state into a medical hub, which will increase medical tourism. Our aim is to increase various medical facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical colleges and super-speciality hospitals. We will announce the policy in near future,”.

When being further questioned on the future developments, Mr Patel added, “To give a boost to medical tourism in the state, we will provide subsidy for construction of facilities in this regard. Under the policy, we will also provide subsidy for purchasing specialized medical equipments. The Health Department is in talks with the state Finance Department to finalize the quantum of subsidy and other financial benefits to be given to hospitals and colleges.”

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