Indo-UAE health event: A ray of hope for Indian Medical Tourism

India hopes to win back its dominance in medical tourism in the gulf by the launch of Indo-UAE health event in Dubai.

In an attempt to shift the paradigm of medical tourism in Arab countries from the west, Indian government has come up with improved strategies in collaboration with the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries. First to come under this would be the launch of an Indo-UAE health cooperation program in a two day event in Dubai. The event is expected to develop close partnerships between India and UAE in the field of medical and holistic healthcare. On this new start, Indian officials in Dubai commented, “Efforts are to open new chapters in India’s relations with the region in the health sector”.

On the misery of Indian Medical industry in directing patients from gulf countries in the past years, Indian Consul for Commerce, Press and Information, Anita Nandhini said,” The Consulate last year issued 700 medical visas to India, marking a significant drop in the numbers from the previous years”.

She further added “The older generation used to visit India for medical treatment while the new generation is flying out to the West. It could be because they are better aware of the facilities there. But the fact is, even in the US and other countries, there are a lot of Indian doctors.”

When asked about reviving this tradition, the Indian Counsel stated “We are also trying to complement the way Dubai itself is trying to attract medical travelers, by offering treatment in Ayurveda and other complementary medicine streams. Indian health care groups are also keen on increasing their presence here by investing here.”

Scheduled to be taking place in Oman, the Indo-UAE health event is organized by the the Indian Ministry of Tourism in association with the Consulate and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry and supported by the Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Healthcare City and Indian Business and Professional Council.

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