Mumbai doctors remove 20 kg rare ovarian tumor from 50-yr-old

Possibly the first case in India, doctors at a city hospital in Mumbai removes a 20 kg tumor from the stomach of a 50-year old woman. According to the doctors, they had never seen such a huge tumor and it was probably the heaviest tumor that has been removed in India successfully. They now wish to send this case study for getting published in a medical journal.

Shobha Kolhe, the patient, had met the doctors in December when she was facing the problem of severe breathlessness.  Her stomach was swollen like she was pregnant with 4-5 kids. She was refused treatment in several hospitals as she was extremely weak and thus was at high risk. Kolhe said, “I had recurrent fever and weakness since July. A local doctor gave me some medicines and I felt better. But suddenly my stomach started bloating. We did not have the money to get a CT scan or sonography done.”

That is not all; she was even mentally harassed by her neighbors who taunted that she was pregnant at this age. She added, “They thought I was carrying… I used to cry in private. Also, I was afraid that I would die because all doctors told me that I had no chance of surviving.” Later, she went to this city hospital where the doctors advised surgery after they noticed the tumor in a CT scan. The tumor was originating from her ovaries, was attached to the abdominal wall, liver and intestines. It was pushing her diaphragm, causing breathlessness. The duration of the operation was 90 minutes. The best was that it was not a ovarian cancer tumor.

The experts inform that Kolhe had a mucinous cystadenocarcinoma in the ovary that is a rare malignant form of ovarian mucinous tumours. This type of a tumor occurs in just 5-10% of women in the case of any kind of ovarian mucinous tumour. The main cause for the same is that such a giant benign ovarian tumour is very rare since it is detected in normal routine check-ups. An ovarian cyst can be a sad sight, but luckily, most of them are benign.

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