Pakistani Toddler Undergoes Successful Liver Transplant in India

Nalain Aziz could not have asked for a better birthday gift. The Pakistani toddler, who turns 2 on April 26, got a new lease of life at the  Apollo Hospital in India. Aziz was treated for Biliary Atresia – a rare medical condition where there is a disconnect between the intestine and liver. The patient had developed jaundice only 7 days after birth and was diagnosed with endstage liver failure, even throwing blood, when doctors advised his parents to get his treatment done in India.

“We are very happy with the treatment. He first underwent an operation at the age of two-and-half months in Pakistan. Even after that operation we had to admit him to hospital every time his condition worsened. But now he is perfectly fine and will turn two on April 26. We are excited to celebrate the day,” said Aziz’s father Shoaib, an engineer.

The 10 hour surgery included transplanting a part of Nalain’s mother liver into him after which he was placed under intensive care. “Aziz’s blood group matched with his mother from whom we took 25 per cent of her liver and transplanted it. Aziz is healthy now and can leave for Lahore. The success rate in such cases is 90 per cent,” said Anupam Sibal, group medical director of Apollo Hospitals.

“Biliary atresia is seen in one in 10,000 babies worldwide,” Sibal added. Doctors said that there were no complications in this case and Aziz’s parents will only have to send them reports of his monthly medical tests. “He won’t feel any complications and routine tests will be done for few months. However, like all liver-transplant patients, he will have to be on medication for life,” added Sibal.

The cross border tension notwithstanding, Aziz was the 500th Pakistani to undergo a liver transplant at the Apollo Group of Hospitals in India. “We have conducted 500 liver transplants for patients from Pakistan since 2003. Over a hundred were conducted in the last one year,” said Sibal.

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