Revolutionary Bypass Surgery To Minimize Incisions, Costs

In a landmark technical advancement in the field of medicine, a team of doctors from Bangalore has successfully performed a heart bypass surgery, making only a small incision in the patient’s abdomen, as against the normal procedure of cutting through the chest.

Seena Bai, 46,  was recently operated upon using this method. Also, she was discharged from the hospital in only three days. The entire procedure costed only ~2.5 lakh, nearly the same as that of a traditional bypass surgery.

Dr Murli Manohar, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, and Dr Vivek Jawali, chairman, cardiovascular sciences, Fortis Hospitals, performed the surgery.

Dr Jawali said, “A regular Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) involves cutting open the breast bone, ripping apart the rib cage, spreading it (some ribs break during this process) and then taking pieces of a vein from the leg, wrist or chest to use as a graft. As trauma to the patient and blood loss are more, it takes a longer stay at the hospital as well as several days to heal.”

“In contrast, here a five centimeter incision was made in the abdomen, just under the breast bone to reach the heart. The arteries used for grafting were also from the abdomen,” he said.

Apart from being the first of its kind, the procedure is least invasive of all other bypass surgeries, remarked medical experts who were on board. The key advantages of this procedure enlisted by them are:

  • Relative negligible post-operative blood loss and pain, inducing quicker recovery
  • Zero cuts on bones, hence advantageous for diabetics
  • Internal arteries taken from around the stomach, up to their maximum lengths. If the patients are careful about this, the bypass can last a lifetime.
  • A much shorter hospital stay, thereby cutting costs
  • Minimum scarring means the procedure is cosmetically viable
  • Costs akin to traditional surgeries

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