Surgeons Placed Five Stents into Man Suffering from Aneurysms

Having instilled stents in the aorta is not a big deal for somebody whose age is above 60. Same is the case of Kolkata-based businessman ‘Tapan Kanti’ whose body has 5 stents instilled in his Aorta. This was a life- changing experience. The petite senior citizen managed to stun several doctors in Bengal by virtue of the state of his Aorta (blood vessel carrying blood from the heart of the blood).

“There were three large aneurysms at different points of his aorta. The one at the top near the distal aortic arch was 12 cm long and was 6 cm in diameter.” explained Dr M M Yusuf, Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery specialist .

The other two aneurysms, protrudes in the wall of the blood-vessel, were at the center and at the end of his Aorta- any one of them bursting could have ended the man’s life quickly. With each aneurysm potentially blocking blood flow to some other branch of the body, doctors used stents to neutralize the aneurysms immediately.

“But there was a hitch. Each Stent needs at least 2 cm of cuff area to hold on to the vessel and there was no space at the top. The aortic arch that supplied blood to the head, neck and arms would have been affected if we had put the Stent there, so we had to split those three vessels manually,” Dr. M M Yusuf

Before they started the procedure of using Minimally Invasive Surgery, the surgical team used old methods, cutting the man’s chest down the centre and manually dividing the 3 blood vessels that formed the aortal arch.

“It was almost like splitting three wires and rejoining them separately to the source. The only thing is that we had to keep checking the brain and arms to ensure that they did not get damaged without blood flow during the surgery,” Dr. M M Yusuf

A week after his chest got slightly healed; the Stent legion started working and did an exhausting 6 hour procedure to have these stents in place. “Since it was minimally invasive, each of the stents needed to be placed one by one. The good part is that we didn’t need to put the heart on the bypass machine at all,” Dr. M M Yusuf

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