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Surrogacy Cost in India

The agony of childless couples cannot be described in words but Surrogacy, one of many assisted reproduction methods has come up as a boon for such couples. Though Surrogacy is a complex arrangement but Medical India Tourism makes this process an easy one through its beneficial Surrogacy Packages. Surrogacy arrangements are a costly affair in the western countries and so from past few years, India has emerged as ‘Surrogacy Destination’ where childless couples get best of services and facilities at affordable costs. Surrogacy Packages in India offers cheaper availability of surrogate mother, tests and treatments at sought-after hospitals with state-of- art technology, surrogate investigations, counseling, medication, personalized care and more. We also offer assistance in accommodation arrangement, travel arrangement, pediatric counseling etc. Medical India Tourism is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

Phase Amount Starting from Inclusions
First Rs. 500000/ 8300 USD
  • Selection of donor and surrogate
  • Blood Investigation and stimulation of donor
  • Legal paper work
  • IVF Treatment
  • OCR and Embryo Transfer
Second Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD
  • Beta-HCG positive (14-15 days after ET)
Third Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD
  • Foetal Heart Beat (after 4 weeks)
Fourth Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD
  • Starting of 3rd Month
Fifth Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD
  • Starting of 6th Month
Sixth Rs. 200000/ 3340 USD
  • Starting of 9th Month
Total Rs. 15 Lakhs 25000 USD
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