Agents and Affiliates

Connecting the world to India with medical tourism, we work for helping our guests to get the best of medical tourism in India. Here is the complete information about how we work.

Our comprehensive range of medical treatment packages

Keeping in mind all kinds of medical treatments and assistance, we have a range of medical treatment packages. Think of traveling for medical tourism in India and we bring every facility at your service. Our main focus is to get the best treatment for patients who are coming all the way to India. We do so through our affiliation with JCI-accredited medical centers and hospitals that are known for all the right reasons.

One of the features of our medical treatment packages is that they can be customized as per your needs. So whether you are looking for services from surgeons, doctors or medical staff, we get it sorted for you. Besides, one benefit that patients get as compared to Western countries is that the treatments are way affordable. Not only does the cost comes in as a factor but also the facilities, infrastructure, personalized care, and expert opinion.

Further, we can also curate itineraries for you which will include staying options, pre and post-operative meetings with doctors, appointments with surgeons. Along with that, it will also cover city transfers and tours in India.

Following are the health facilities that we impart to the patients in our medical packages:

Orthopedic Treatment, Dental Care & Treatment, Cosmetic Surgery, Ophthalmology Treatment, Organ Transplant, Cancer Treatment, Infertility, and IVF Treatment, ENT (Ear, Nose Throat ) Treatment, Cardiology, and Heart Treatment, Neuro and Spine Surgery, Advanced Treatment, Gastroenterology Treatment, and Bariatric Surgery Urology Treatment.

Hospitals we stand in close association with:

The meaning of medical and healthcare services in India has evolved a lot over the past few years. Valuing your time and effort of flying down to India, we make sure to provide only the best services. We have tie-ups with the best of the best hospitals that have the latest medical technologies, diagnostics, medical equipment, and facilities. All these hospitals proffer good medical treatment and surgeries, so patients don’t have to worry as they are in good hands.

Info concerning accommodation, city transfers and sightseeing in India:

To cut down the cost and the hassle of traveling to and fro, we provide the closest staying options to the patients. You can choose from budget hotels, guest houses, and apartments near the hospitals. These accommodation options maintain good hygienic conditions and also provide facilities like the conversion of foreign exchange and meals.

Along with that, if the patients want to spend some time and take a tour after the treatment, we can also arrange for the same. We also arrange cars for city transfers.

A thorough explanation of the procedure:

  • Documents namely Patient’s full name and age, nationality, current and relevant medical reports, case history are required from your end.
  • Upon receiving the above-mentioned documents, we will forward the same to the concerned senior doctors from various super specialties hospitals. This is done to get multiple opinions for the patient so that the patient can decide where to come for the treatment.
  • Next, we will forward the reply from all the hospitals so that you and the patient can decide which hospital they prefer.
  • In order to get the medical visa easily, we will provide the visa assistance letter from the hospital you will choose. To do so, you would have to provide the patient and the attendant’s passport scans.
  • Once the visa process is finished, we expect you to send us the flight details of the patient so that we can help in airport transfers. We will also send you all the possible options for accommodation that is close to the hospitals.
  • As and when the patient arrives in India and his/her treatment begins, we will keep you posted about the daily treatment details. This is done to keep you aware of what your clients are doing.
  • All the final bills of the patient upon leaving India are duly shared after his/her treatment procedure is finished.
  • As per our company policy, we take advance payment for our affiliated services. The same can be done through bank transfers before the patient arrives in India.