Columbia Asia Bangalore Health Checkup Packages

by Rishabh

Columbia Asia is an international chain of hospitals. The healthcare specialists have numerous centers all over Asia. The hospitals serve global patients with utmost care since decades. The highly skilled doctors and nurses deliver unparalleled services and facilities. Columbia Asia International Health Checkup are specifically designed packages for the needs of patients. Benefit from advanced medical diagnostics, treatment and personal care at affordable prices.

Comprehensive Health Screen Packages
Particulars Age Below 30 Years Age between 30-40 years Age Over 40 years
CBC with ESR
Blood Grouping-ABO & RH
Blood Glucose Random
Blood Glucose Random
Blood Glucose Fasting and PP
Total Cholesterol
Lipid Profile
Liver Function test
Serum Creatinine
T3, T4, TSH
Ultrasound Abodomen & Pelvis
Urine Routine
X-Ray Chest
Stress Test *
Pumonary Function Test (spirometry)
Pap Smear (Female)
Consultation with Doctor
Consultation with Gynaecologist
Consultation with Ophthalmologist
Package Price Starting from USD 150 USD 200 USD 250

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Cancer Screening Program
Particulars Male Female
Peripheral Blood Smear
Serum CA-125
Serum PSA
Stool for Occult Blood
Urine Cytology
X-ray Chest
USG Abdomen & Pelvis
Bilateral Mammograph
Pap Smear
Consultation with Oncologist

~ 3 consecutive days samples are required

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