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Laptops Cause Infertility in Men- With Case Study

by Rishabh
Laptops Cause Infertility in Men- With Case Study

Laptop Causes Infertility in Men

Laptop Causes Infertility in Men

Scott Reed, a 30 year old electrician , and his wife Laura were stunned when doctors informed that his laptop is the culprit behind their struggle for the child. His wife stated that Scott used to surf internet on his laptop for a couple of hours in the evening while watching television. But she had no idea behind that this could lead to the damage of sperms. Actually, Scott went for a fertility test that revealed that Scott was producing a healthy amount of sperms that suffered heat damage. Now this was a real life case occurred in the United Kingdom but the same complications can worsen the lifestyle of million men around the world.

With the perpetual advancement in the technological hemisphere, laptops have become the need of the hour for students, businessmen and professionals from different fields. It is a very important and efficient tool for people who want 24 x7 connectivity to the world. But we must not overlook the fact that excessive use of laptop can cause fertility problems in men. But how? It is because of the heat emitted by the laptop and the use of crossed legs to balance it. The heat generated by your laptop increase the temperature around the scrotum.

Laptop Heat can prepare an omelete easily

Having laptop on the lap, it requires men to balance the notebook, which in turn, leads to the increase of the body temperature, especially in the thighs. Scientific research proves that the more will be the temperature of the scrotum, the probability of damaging the sperms will be equally higher. Other than that, if you are using the Bluetooth facility for wireless internet connection, there is a risk for the male fertility due to radioactive frequencies.


Prvention is better than cure

When it comes to the dangers of laptop, it can increase the scrotum temperature of the male by 2.7 degrees Celsius, in turn, leading to the drop in sperm count by 1/3rd in every 10 years. Therefore, it is highly advised for teenagers and young men to avoid the use of laptops on their lap so that they won’t have to go through fertility treatments.

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