Medical Tourism & Its Indian Connection: A Big Hi from Medi Connect India

The term ‘medical tourism’ concerns with the practice of travelling across the borders to receive specialized healthcare. In turn, at times it also implies the movement of healthcare providers to different regions of the world to offer most advanced healthcare services to the patients. It is a relatively recent concept that has resulted from the globalization of healthcare industry. While considering medical tourism market, the name of India mounts to the top as one of the first countries to realize the potential of medical tourism. In the present scenario, India is one of the leading destinations for the global medical tourists. At present, India is having a share of more than 20% of the medical tourist arrivals in Asia. The country has witnessed a 30% growth rate in the arrival of medical tourists in India from the year 2009 to 2011. The prime reason behind India’s growth as one of the most sought after medical tourist destinations is its international standard treatments in the most affordable prices.

Medi Connect India is an online initiative of Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. to reach the global patients to offer them the advanced treatment facilities in the most cost effective manner. A winner of National Tourism Award for two consecutive years, 2009-10 & 2010-11, Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. is serving the global populace for more than two decades. Medi Connect India offers a complete range of information about the aspects of medical tourism in India, different medical services available in the country, and also about different hospitals in India. The portal keeps on updating news related to different aspects of health and lifestyle so that people can take benefit from that.

Medical Tourism is a relatively vast arena that encompasses diverse aspects of health and wellbeing. Thus, through the blog section, Medi Connect India will try to share with the global people information about different diseases, their treatments, lifestyle tips, latest developments in medical science etc. It will provide a platform to the people to get information and at the same time to share their views as well.

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