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11 Best Ways to Get Rid of Eye Puffiness

by Rishabh

Do your eyes make you feel tired and old all the time? Are the under eye bags annoying you? It is very difficult to feel and look fresh when your eyes are looking all puffed and droopy due to those bags under the eyes. These bags are a sign of tiredness and tension. There is no need for you to worry at all, here are 11 best way to banish the bags under your eyes:


1. Change Your Sleeping Position

This problem can be due to you sleeping on side or if you are sleeping on your stomach. Due to gravity, the fluid gets collected under our eyes which might lead to creation of under eye bags. You can try sleeping on your back. And yes do not forget placing an extra pillow, under your head.

2. Control Salt Intake

We all know that table salt is harmful in relation to our blood pressure and halt. But what you might not know is that it can also led to puffed eyes. The water in our bodies find its way out either from those part that have sodium in excess or from those where it is the lowest. The area around our eyes is the best example of this. Try and notice that if you use salt shaker the precious night, your eyes might be puffed up.

3. Put a Neti Pot into use

You can try and use a neti pot that looks like a small tea pot. It is mainly used in Ayurveda and spa practices. Put salt water into the pot, now pour the water into 1 nostril. Let this drain out the other nostril. This might sound strange to many. This process is going to take out all the excess moisture that is present in your sinus that got accumulated due to infections, cold or any kind of seasonal allergies.

4. Handling the Allergies

Seasonal allergies are a major cause of puffy and watery eyes. But surely is a solution for this problem. You can visit the pharmacy and ask the chemist to give you a medicine for cold or allergy. This medicine dries up the puffy eyes along with putting a full stop to your runny nose.

5. Cover them Up

Sometimes, dark circles also are problem along with bags under the eyes. Make your use of concealer to hide them. But make sure that concealer you use matches the tone of your skin. Pat it slowly and gently on the area, sans any rubbing.

6. Hit the Bed Sans Make-up

Before hitting the bed, make it a point that you clean the make- up from your eyes and face. If you do not clean make-up from your eyes, they can make your eyes watery, causing puffiness in the morning. You can use either remover or can clean your face with face wash and water.

7. Protecting Eyes from UV Rays

We always take a lot of effort is protecting our body from sun light. But do we do the same when it comes to our face? Excess of UV rays and sunlight can lead to wrinkles on our face, near the corner of our eyes and sagging under the eyes. Apply sunscreen, out hat on your head and put sunglasses on your eyes to protect them from dangerous sun rays.

8. Quit Smoking

There are several harmful effects of smoking. This, thus, can be one of the reasons to kick the butt. Smoking cigarette can cause weakening and dryness on the skin of our face. Therefore, it is ideal for your eyes and overall health that you should say no to smoking cigarette.

9. Limit your Alcohol intake

You can enjoy a glass of wine but do not go overboard with it. The cause of not over doing it is that alcohol can flush out the water from your skin causing dryness. With time, the area around the eyes can become weak, leading to pouch bags under the eyes. If any you do so, drink lots of water before hitting the bed. Later, apply moisturize on your face, especially under the eyes.

10. Try applying an Eye Cream

There are various kinds of lotions and creams available in the market that can reduce puffiness in the eyes. You can give these creams a try. But yes do not apply an old kind of hemorrhoid cream as such creams can cause irritation around the eyes. Instead, you can go for a retinol eye cream.

11. The Cool-down effect

In the case of puffed and tired eyes, you can make use of chilling-out policy to bring down and puffiness and the eye bags. You can go for potato slices, cucumber slices, chilled tea bags, cotton pad dipped in chilled milk, and chilled spoon.

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