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The Common Causes of Severe Knee Pain

by Rishabh

Pain in the knees can occur due to a number of reasons such as an overuse injury, a sudden injury or an underlying problem like arthritis. The treatment depends on the cause of the problem.  Read on to know more:


  • Knee Pain and an Active Lifestyle

Knee pain is one problem that is faced by most of the people at one or the other point in their lives. Exercise, sports and other similar kind of activities can lead to tendinitis, muscle strains, and other severe injuries to cartilage and ligaments. In some cases, knee pain can be so serious that it can even limit day to day activities. In other cases, slight pain in the knee might be a continuing difficulty in active lifestyle one wants to lead. In both these cases, it is important that sufferer realizes that his knee problem must not be ignored.

  • Knee Cartilage Tears

A semi-hard tissue that covers the ending of our bones is known as cartilage. The cartilage of the knee can suffer from tears and kinds of injuries. Knee cartilage consists of one menisci on both the side of the joint. While lateral meniscus is on the outside of the knee, medial meniscus is placed on the inside of the knee. Knee cartilage tear is a common injury. Most of the times, it requires surgery to be corrected.

  • Knee Ligament Injuries

Ligament connects put lower leg bones with the thigh bone, holding the bones together and keeping the knee stable. Tear and sprain in the knee ligament is a common injury in sports, which can occur to the medial collateral ligament (MCL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). These injuries can lead to severe pain in the knee, which can be corrected through surgery.

  • Arthritis of the Knee

Today, the most common cause of knee pain and disability is arthritis. This problem is a chronic degenerative condition, which may be at a later stage needs surgery for correction. Rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis are 3 most common types of arthritis. Swelling and stiffness in the knee are the main symptoms.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Knee

Leading to thickening and inflammation around the joints of the tissue, r Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune illness. Most of the times, chronic inflammation can damage the cartilage. Out of 15 percent of the arthritis, 10 percent are those of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Post-Traumatic Arthritis

Post-traumatic arthritis can be a cause of a severe knee injury, including ligament tears and bone fractures. With time, this problem can damage the knee cartilage and cause stiffness, swelling and pain in the knee.

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee

The condition in arthritis when advanced wearing of the cartilage in the joint of the knee takes place is osteoarthritis, which is the most common kind of arthritis. Generally people of 50 years of age and above suffer from this problem. At this age, the effect of this problem gets worsen due to continuous wear and tear of the cartilage that happens with this age. Osteoarthritis of the knee leads to limited range in motion, pain, weakness, tenderness, swelling in the joints, stiffness and deformity.

Some of the causes of osteoarthritis infections, age, weight, sports injury, some previous injury, sickness like gout and tumor and wear and tear from occupations that involve physical work such as manufacturing and construction.

  • Diagnosing Knee Pain

Physical evaluation and x-rays are used by the doctors for diagnosing knee problems such as arthritis. He also asks questions about the functioning and flexibility of the knee, the severity of pain and general movement. For further assessment of the kind of arthritis, different special tests might be done by professionals.

  • Treatment of Knee Pain from Arthritis

As the condition of arthritis advances, the pain in the knees can get worse. Wrapping, weight loss, and strengthening exercises are the common treatments of arthritis. Doctors might also prescribe pain relieving medication and anti-inflammatory drugs. In some cases, surgery becomes the only option including partial or total knee replacement. It is best to discuss with the doctor and explore the right kind of treatment option for your knee problem.

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