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Importance of Rehab after Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery

by Rishabh

Why Is Rehab Very Important

When one undergoes knee or hip replacement surgery, the doctor suggests rehab post- surgery. Continued exercise program assists a person in recovering properly from the surgery. In case a person is in a lot of pain after the operation, it is quite probable that he or she did not do the required amount of walking. This simply means that the muscles and the joints of the legs of the patient might be weak. If exercise is done then strength can easily be built up in the muscles, around the new joints.

Knee and Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

Advantages of Rehab

Once the joint surgery is done, rehab becomes the next significant step so that one can reap in the maximum from the new joint. Advantages of rehab are the following:

  • Lessening of swelling and pain
  • Restoring normal joint movement
  • Ensures proper blood circulation after the surgery so that the problem of blood clot can be avoided
  • Building strength in the joint muscles and its surrounding
  • Helps you in getting back to normal activities

Categories of Rehab

The doctor refers the patient to a physical therapist who works out his visit schedule with you about coming to your home to physiotherapy sessions. Between his/her visit sessions, he/she assigns a number of motion exercises. In order to continue your rehab sessions, you can also visit his do some exercises. There are certain exercises that you can do on your own. For instance, in the case of hip replacement surgery, each time you sit and stand, you are automatically working on different kinds of joint motions. This helps in keeping the joints and muscles strong.

Rehab Just After Surgery

In case your surgery has just been done, the doctor is going to ask you to move your joints pretty soon. If you are not in a lot of pain, movement can be started right on the next day of the operation. You might sit on the corner of the bed and probably stand also, walk a few steps too, of course with assistance.

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Your physiotherapist helps you with simple exercises such as relaxing and tensing the thighs and pumping the ankles. At the time of your stay in the hospital, you get up from your bed and also walk a little with the help of a walker or crutches. Later on, you either continue with the same exercises or might also be given new ones.

Rehab After You Are Back Home

As and when your body’s endurance builds up, slowly more exercises are added. It is advisable that must exercise for around 20-30 on a daily basis and that too at least 2-3 times every day, as and when the doctor asks you to. A lot of walking really helps. You can start your exercise sessions for 5 minutes initially taking it up to 30 minutes every day. One must stay as active as possible as far as overall health is concerned. All this is going to help you in keeping your new joint in a good shape.

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