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Tips to Prevent Fractures in Osteoporosis

by Rishabh

Tips to Prevent Fractures in Osteoporosis

Keep your home well-lit

Make it a point that you keep your home very well-lit so that you do not stumble upon anything if it is dark. Add on ceiling lights and you can also add more switches to your lamps so that you can turn on the lights as and when you are walking around the house. Ensure that your way from the bedroom to your bathroom has proper lighting. Opting for night lights all around in your house is a great idea.

Get going

Stay punctual and regular in your exercising routine to improve your body’s flexibility and balance. Light exercises also keep your bones solider and tougher, lowering your chances of falling and breaking your bones. Light activities such as Tai Chi, Stretches, Swimming and Yoga would be ideal for you. Build up your strength by lifting weights.

Renovate your bathroom

Fix handles or grab bars next to the showers, toilets and tubs in your bathrooms. If your bathroom floors are slippery, you can add non-skid strips to the tile of the floor and the tub. Using a chair while in the shower will also be safe. Instead of a low seat, you can either have a raised seat or can add a toilet safety frame, making getting up a lot easier.

Wearing comfortable shoes is a must

You must wear the right kind of shoes so that your feet get the necessary support. Avoid wearing loose slippers, backless footwear and walking in socks specifically on plain slippery floors. Pick rubber shoes with low heels, saying no to leather. These shoes can be worn even when you are at your home.

Your rugs should not slide

Your rugs should not slide as it would prove to be harmful for you. Swap your carpets or rugs with non-skidding ones. Another idea is putting on non-slip pads or tapes under the rugs.

Safer stairs are important

Ensure that the staircases of your home are properly lit. It is advisable that handrails must be added on the both sides so that you can use the stairs comfortably. In the case of a slippery stairway, add non-skid tread to them.

Clever Storage

Those items and products that you use a lot on a daily basis must be kept in easy reach. Such items should not be stored in cabins that are either too low or are too high. In case, anything is kept too high, do not try to jump or stand on a stool, instead use a grabbing tool to get hold of it.

Clean the mess around you

Walking around the house would be safer if your floor is clear of any kind of clutter. Keep the toys (if any) in their place, the cords of the phones and other electronic items must be either stuck to the walls or must be completely out of the way. Make use of wireless devices, if possible.

Timely check-up of ears and eyes

Not being able to hear and see properly, lessens down your confidence and can put you off balance. In case of a hearing problem, you can use a hearing aid. It is important that your glasses are of correct number. Avoid wearing bifocals while going up or coming down from the stairs as you might feel shaky due to this.

Be careful while sitting and sleeping

Sit only on higher chairs, making sitting and standing a comfortable activity. If a high chair is not available, you can add a comfortable cushion on a low-rising chair. The chairs that you are using must have armrests. Same is the case with your bed. If it is a low bed, change the mattress.

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